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Protect Your Best Interests by Hiring an Attorney

Reach out to Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law in Lafayette, LA

Whether you’re preparing to go to war over a personal injury case or you need an attorney to help with a contract dispute, you can count on Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law, LLC to represent you. Attorney Ardoin is licensed in Louisiana and Texas. He has more than two decades of experience handling a variety of legal matters and will keep your best interests in mind as he fights to protect you in court.

Attorney Ardoin stays up-to-date on all the latest legal developments—he’ll keep you updated throughout the legal process and provide sound advice based on the circumstances surrounding your case. Schedule an appointment with Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law by calling 337-706-8500.

Comprehensive legal services in Lafayette, LA

When you need sound legal counsel, reach out to Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law. Attorney Ardoin can assist with legal matters relating to:

  • Real estate contracts
  • Collections
  • Lease drafting
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Personal injury cases

Get in touch with Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law to learn more about attorney Ardoin’s services.

Don’t just hand your land over to big oil companies

If you’re considering selling or leasing your land to an oil or gas company, contact Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law in Lafayette, Louisiana immediately. Attorney Ardoin will represent you when you’re drawing up the contract and make sure your interests are taken care of. He has extensive experience working with landowners and oil and gas companies. Attorney Ardoin will walk you through the legal process involved with leasing your land, checking all related documents to be sure you’re being treated fairly.

Schedule a consultation with Michael V. Ardoin Attorney at Law today.

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